The NCCAA was incorporated in 1968 to provide a christian based organization that functions uniquely as a national and international agency for the promotion and enhancement of intercollegiate athletic competition with a christian perspective.

Approximately 100 Christian colleges and universities comprise the involving well over 13,000 student atheletes and 850 coaches. A combined total of over 24 national championships in Men's and Women's sports are sponsored by the NCCAA.

The NCCAA beleives that athletics are a means to and end and that the process is as important as the performance. We desire to provide a field of play for the schools, coaches and athletes to exemplify the spirit of competition in a way that will glorify God. for more info visit -


Believing in intercollegiate athletics as a tool in the development of young people as servant leaders of the Lord Jesus Christ is a cornerstone of our mission. Self discipline, Teamwork, Integrity, and learning to respond in a Christ - like manner in the heat of the battle.

Following God's game plan for your life, ( jer. 29:11) with the gifts, talents and passions he has given you in athletics, along with sport specific skills, healthy relationships and creating positive, fun life experiences, as a follower of "Christ".

Physical activity and movement are fundamental to human energy, growth and development. Athletic skills in their various forms, provide meaningful experiences for individuals and have significance for the Christian ethic in leadership and ministry.